How did so many of us get disconnected from our root chakra? For one thing, our culture does not really value the body and it’s felt sense. From the moment we start school we are encouraged to think and not feel. This draws the life-force energy up out of the root and into our heads. Unfortunately it usually gets jammed up in our shoulder and neck area on the way. Many of us have also suffered traumas and abuses the negatively affect the root chakra. The first two fundamental emotional needs of a baby are CONNECTION and ATTUNEMENT.  We get our connection needs met when we are held, lovingly touched, fed, soothed, and loved. We get our attunement needs met when the caregiver tunes into our subtle emotional and physical needs, and responds to them, in a way that truly resonates with us. If we did not get sufficient connection and attunement, we inevitably develop a sense of emotional abandonment. When this happens, the infant is reluctant to allow their soul to come all the way into their body, and grow roots into the earth. This is usually the beginning of a life-long pattern of being ungrounded, unless we do the work to heal the damage. There are many other traumas that may cause root chakra damage as well. Birth trauma, physical abuse, accidents, surgeries, illnesses, feeding difficulties, adoption, family trauma, and parental enmeshment are just some of the things that can cause root chakra damage.

Are you ready for some deep spiritual food?  As we dive down into the ROOT CHAKRA, we will explore our issues with belonging, attachment, connection, safety, and grounding. We will play with our subtle energy body and move with the tree goddess. Tuesday March  6 at 6:45 pm. at the PACHAMAMA Women’s Group, at Willow’s home in North Boulder. Come prepared to receive deep insight, powerful transformation and loving connection. RSVP at to register. Space is very limited. $10 to 20, sliding scale.

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