Spring Equinox Channeling

Sunsong song N 260

During our Spring Equinox Mystic Explorers gathering I crossed the veil into the Devic realm of the nature kingdom. I received many beautiful messages and images from this realm.

          As I slipped across the veil the plant beings of my garden came to visit me. Each plant, the daisy, the broccoli and many others, were no longer just green leafy forms, but living, conscious beings who were delighted to communicate with me. I could sense their unique energetic signature and healing frequencies. We were invited to take these healing frequencies directly into ourselves. Eventually the deva of the whole garden, of the archetypal Garden of Eden came to me. She appeared as a “fairy goddess mother” sprinkling sparkles of white light everywhere. We were invited to draw this light into our very cells.

          She said: “My dear ones, we delight in your appreciation of the visual beauty of the garden. We wish you to know that the plants are also singing for you! As each plant raises it’s life force up from the underworld it sings and ecstatic song of joy and delight. It this altered state some of you may be able to hear the music.”

          She went on to show us how every living being is an interconnected component in the vast web of life, and how every being emanates their vibrational tone. Together we make a vast symphony. We ourselves are a unique flower in the garden, and are explicitly supported by this web of life.

         The goddess then opened our view into the roots of the plants within the soil. We could see an interconnected web of roots sharing nourishment, information and consciousness with all the other plants of the garden. We also tuned into the mineral kingdom and the beautiful patterns, support and healing frequencies the mineral kingdom provided for the plant kingdom.

         As I re-read these words, I realize others have said these very things. When we are in that realm, and feeling the aliveness, the connectedness, the consciousness of it all, it feels so…… magical.