Trance dance bdr 260


The second or sacral chakra originally begins to develop around the age of 6 months to 2 years. The child begins to move her body more frequently, and uses her senses to begin exploring her physicality and the outer environment. She also becomes more consciously expressive about her needs, and let’s them be known to others. Ideally she gets to follow her desire to touch and taste objects, and experience pleasure and displeasure. She also begins to develop a rudimentary sense of healthy boundaries, and will pull away from unwanted touch.  She is beginning to develop a sense of personal self, and she is focused on self-gratification and ultimately honoring herself and her needs. By doing this she is exercising a basic human right to feel herself and to have pleasure.

This healthy development is the foundation for a life of knowing oneself, feeling oneself, pursuing pleasure and tolerating pain, and setting healthy boundaries. If a female gets to develop in this way, she grows up with a healthy sensuality and then sexuality, which are also functions of the sacral chakra.

If a child grows up in an environment where there is not enough healthy touch, or inappropriate touch she is not able to anchor into her own knowing of herself. She can become rigid, repressed and out of touch with her own life-force passion. Likewise she may swing to the opposite polarity and act out sexually, be addicted to pleasure, or become emotionally clingy or dependent.