C Spring 7 Osiris 260EASTER VISION:  This morning after meditating for a while I finally connected with my spirit guides. I was expecting one of my goddess guides, Mary or Quan Yin, but was visited by Jeshua instead. Before we communed, I had to sort out with in myself weather I was “channeling” or “visioning”. When I am in the higher realms, I do hear words of guidance, but most of my experience is visual rather that auditory. I am surrendering to the fact that the visual channel is still more open for me than the auditory channel, although they actually weave together beautifully.

            I recognized Jeshua by his “energetic signature”, and saw him represented as a golden sun with white light coming out of the middle of it. I experience the energy of Jeshua as somewhat androgynous, masculine and nurturing feminine. He immediately told me that the symbol of the resurrection represents connecting with one’s higher self. As I basked in this beautiful light, I thought about the Egyptian initiations, where one is “buried” in the tomb for 3 days while one travels up into the spirit world, as in the death and resurrection of Osiris. He then reminded me how, in our day and age, we descend into the shadow material held in our bodies, process some of it, then rise into our higher selves. How beautiful. This Easter I will open to the energy of the resurrection.