I am so excited to announce my new program, Journey Through the Chakras. In this program I help people explore the presence, power, pain, and purpose held in the chakras and energy field. If you are just curious about what your field reveals, or are ready to go deep and see what hasn’t been seen, and clear the blocks that cause you pain, obscure your purpose and block your power, this program may be right for you.


Are you ready for some juicy spiritual food? Once a month, on a weekend afternoon, we will take a deep dive into a chakra. We will explore the interface between the psychological, energetic and symbolic aspects of the chakra. Part process group, part energy practice, and part deep creativity, each workshop will deeply nourish and inspire you. You may attend individual workshops, or do the whole series. $25 per workshop.  Use the drop down menu underneath CHAKRA WORK above, to learn about the latest workshop.

chakra gds flat 7 x 9