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           Halloween (Samhain) in the Celtic calendar is the end of the old year and the beginning of the new. This is the time for the final letting go of the autumn season. Cultures all over the world have some way of symbolizing the process of death, because things indeed do fall apart, weather we like it or not. Many cultures have a DARK GODDESS that personifies the forces of decline. Some see her as a wise crone that receives the departed into her womb cauldron where they await rebirth. Others see her as a frightening being that swoops down and takes out the living. There is a lot of wisdom contained within the dark goddess lore. Many of the common symbols of Halloween have spiritual wisdom contained with-in them, and common myths and fairy tales hold deep spiritual secrets. The PDF documents and audio files offered here will allow you create a sacred connection to this powerful time.

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These images are of the Raven Goddess and Morgan LeFay, who also has the raven as a totem. MORRIGAN, or MORGAN LeFAY, is the “mother death” aspect of the Celtic triple goddess. The dark and stormy northern weather carried her energy, and sometimes she appeared as a phantom fairy queen on the battlefields. When flocks of crows or ravens swooped down to eat the flesh of the dead, Morrigan was near. In this bird form she also carried the souls of the diseased to the underworld cauldron for rebirth. As Morrigan, the dark goddess brings death and destruction, but she also conceives and gestates the new life of spring. She was known as the “queen of the fairies” or as a mermaid. She is one the prototypes of our classic Halloween witch.

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