HEART CHAKRA:  In the heart chakra we focus on relationships. Relationship with self, other, the whole green world, and relationship with the vastness of the cosmos and all the beings of spirit who love us. All of these relationships provide us with an opportunity to open the heart and genuinely CONNECT with other. It sounds so easy! I myself have definitely been CONNECTION CHALLENGED! Most of us have found that it takes some work to get beyond our hurts and pain, beyond our defense strategies and lovingly connect with other.

From now until Valentine’s Day I have committed to the practice of focusing on my heart and opening my heart more. I invite you to join me in this practice. This morning my beloved orange tabby cat jumped up in my arms and gave me the best lovie. He rubs his cheek on my cheek and purrs up a storm. My job is to stay very present with that and open my heart to deeply receive it. We will explore RECEIVING LOVE and other issues in the HEART CHAKRA workshop Feb 11.