Ancestor Spirits bdr 260I know of many people, including myself, who experience the world as unstable and uncertain. A quick glance at the environmental, social, political and economic events on the planet can, at times, induce and instant fear response. I found myself working regularly on the task of pulling my brain/mind up and out of fear.

The “house of fear” in our brain is the amygdala, which resides in the lower brain. One thought can fire off the amygdala. When I wake up in the morning and feel a little anxious, I know my amygdala is active. To create an upward spiral and raise my consciousness to a more positive state, I need to activate other regions of my brain. Oddly enough, the next step I take is to energetically open and spin my heart chakra. This activates the insula, which responds to soothing touch and food. It is also responsible for the feeling of love. By lovingly connecting with myself I spiral myself up to the mid-brain. I usually start feeling a bit better at this point.

         Some mornings during my meditation, I desire to go even higher up the spiral and connect to my spirit guides. I start spinning the pineal gland area of my brain, and my crown chackra. I also do some vigorous breathing and draw the energy up my spine to the crown, and then upward beyond the crown chackra. I call in my spirit guides and ask a question.

Sometimes it takes me a while to “connect” with them, so I have to practice patients here. Once I connect 2 things happen. This first thing is that I feel an in-pouring of love and light, which feels very good!  The second thing is that I do get some verbal guidance, which helps my mind relax and quit worrying.