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When I am about to begin a psychic reading and I first connect with the client, I ask them what areas of their life they would like guidance in. If they don't mention it in their report, I inquire about their relationships, work life, creativity and spirituality. I tell the client I might ask some clarifying questions, to get a clear picture of the flow and blockages of energy in their lives. While the client is talking, I scan the energy of their body and aura to see where it is flowing or stuck.

Then, while the client is shuffling my Tarot of Transformation deck for their tarot reading, I call in their guides and higher self. I do this by having them repeat their full name three times. I "go inside" and "dial up" to their higher energies. At this point I receive information about them. It can come in the form of picture images, messages from the guides, past life stories, or direct channeling. The client moves their chair out so I can put my hands on both sides of a chakra. I read and clear energy residing in the front and back of each chakra. I usually start this part by working with the client's grounding, and help them get their energy flowing into the earth. Then I go up to the crown, and feel with my hands their crown chakra. I spin the energy to get it moving, and clean out congested energy. I continue in this manner down the chakras clearing and reading. I then seal up the aura and finish.

When we are finished with the psychic chakra reading, we look at the tarot cards they have pulled. The guides keep talking through me as we look at the cards. Fairly often the guides will share meaning from the image that doesn't have much to do with what I wrote about that card in the book. Opening to Angels For example, sometimes they will point out a color in the picture and encourage the client to work with that vibration.

Because I have a master's degree in transpersonal psychotherapy from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, the next part of the session often utilizes some of my counseling skills. We discuss what was revealed and what steps the client can take to clear or move the energy. Sometimes recommendations for types of therapy are given, and I often suggest energy awareness practices.

CALL 303-544-0054 or email willow@designsbywillow to schedule your psychic reading. 1 hour readings are $80 with a sliding scale available. I accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards and PayPal.