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Archetypal Energy Psychotherapy

Archetypal Energy Psychotherapy is a form of energy psychology, a healing modality that integrates various psychotherapeutic modalities with awareness of subtle energy and the energy body.

I received a M.A. in Transpersonal Psychotherapy from Naropa University in Boulder Colorado in 1995, and subsequently developed my energy psychology methodology from an eclectic blend of therapeutic traditions and my work as a psychic reader and energy healer. As a Boulder therapist I offer this unique healing form to the community and beyond.

After collecting the usual information on background and family of origin, an energy psychology session usually begins with a brief report of the current situation or problem. While the client is talking, I scan the body for congested energy, sometimes psychically seeing into the energy field of the client. I then move into a body-centered and mindfulness based orientation as taught in the Hakomi tradition. I direct the client's awareness into the body, where the sub-conscious is stored. With mindful attention they can become aware of held sensations in the body. Once contact is made with the distress in the body, I have the client keep their attention there, and let the body speak. This mindful attention often reveals the inner child or other sub-personalities identified in the Psychosynthesis approach, or picture images of the congested energy might emerge.

Once the distress is fully conscious, then the work of shifting the energy and healing begins. At this point I might use more psychotherapeutic methods, or move into energy healing methods. If a psychotherapeutic intervention is needed, I might move into a Gestalt approach and have the various parts dialogue or I might have the client exaggerate a movement or holding pattern in a movement therapy approach. If there is a lot of held tension in the client I might utilize a breathwork approach to get the energy moving.

Eventually we do move into the energy healing modality. Either I remove the congested energy from the field of the client with my hands, or I have the client clear the energy with their hands, or their thought process. Subtle energy responds to thought and can be moved with direct intention.

When the releasing or clearing portion of the session is finished, I move the client toward infilling and integrating. From an energetic standpoint, the client needs to draw in loving energy into the places where congested energy was cleared. This can be done by directing loving-kindness into oneself or by drawing upon any of benevolent spirit guides or helpers who come to the client or myself the healer. These may be Jungian archetypal beings or Shamanic beings. Often nature spirits, including the spirits of flowers, minerals, animals, land and water masses or the elements come forth to set in healing vibrations into the field of the client. I frequently work with the energies of the divine mother as well.

Once the energetic infilling is complete, we move toward cognitive integration. We talk about the insights gained and any realizations for behavior changes in the future. Sometimes we look at the challenge from a cultural perspective. When appropriate I bring in a feminist point of view. We may choose to look at the challenge from a power dynamics perspective, and see if there are any abusive relationship dynamics present. I do give my clients "homework" between sessions. This may include meditation and awareness practices, journaling, movement or art therapy if the client in inclined toward that. They are also encouraged to remember any significant dreams we can analyze. My sessions are one and one half hours long.

I am also trained as an EMDR Trauma Resolution therapist. EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. It is a highly researched method for resolving trauma in the body, brain and nervous system. EMDR uses eye movements and other forms of bi-lateral stimulation to desensitize old traumatic memories and residual trauma patterns. I combine EMDR with Somatic Trauma Resolution methods for deep and lasting change.

You can expect wise, compassionate support and deep, lasting changes on your healing journey utilizing energy psychology. My therapy office is located in North Boulder.