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Energetic Healing

At Dancing Willow Tree Mystery School we train students in the art of energetic healing through classes, groups and individual tutoring. In the school we assist each student in finding his or her own unique style of healing by drawing upon several healing modalities. We also offer energetic healing sessions to clients.

How does Energetic Healing work?

The many layers of the human energy field surround and penetrate deeply through the physical body. Thoughts, feelings, traumatic events and past life scenarios are held in these fields. A sensitive person can "read" these contents, and work on shifting the stuck energy.

Opening to AngelsHealing begins by first clearing out the congested energy. The healer may call upon their spirit guides to assist with this, or use sound frequencies to break up the stuck energy. After the congested energy is cleared, higher frequency energies are infilled into the space just cleared. The higher frequencies may be carried in colors, sounds, flower essences or other energetic carriers. A third component of energetic healing involves changing the belief systems that have kept the energy stuck. Often these beliefs stem from past life scenarios.

Physical massage, reiki, aromatherapy, flower essence work and psychological counseling may be part of the healing.

Call or email about receiving a healing or training to be a healer.