D 1 cups oneness 260 copyFeb 6 is between IMBOLC (Feb 2) and Valentine’s Day ( Feb 14).  IMBOLC is the cross-quarter day between Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. In goddess lore, the earth mother goddess is pregnant with the divine sun child she conceived at Winter Solstice, and he begins to quicken and move in the womb. Valentine’s day, in its early, pagan manifestation, was also a celebration of the earth coming to life, and the energies of the womb and heart beginning to activate.

The second chakra (womb) and the fourth chakra (heart) are very interconnected. Physically, both of these organs look alike and are made of the same kind of muscle tissue. The ancient Celts and Egyptians thought these organs looked like and apple, and so the apple came to represent the ending of the life cycle, (as in the falling apple), and the beginning of the life cycle, (as the soul star gestating in the womb pool of the goddess). If you cut an apple crossways you will see that the seeds are in the shape of a 5 pointed star. The Egyptians saw the great dome of the sky as the deep blue watery womb of the cosmic goddess, and the stars in the sky as dis-embodied souls waiting rebirth. Likewise, the ocean, a lake, a pool and a chalice all represent the womb of the goddess, with gestating souls within.

In Greek mythology, the being in the center of the womb-apple was Kore, the maiden goddess. Hence the words apple-core. The Roman goddess Venus was thought to come from a star in the heavens that fell into the womb ocean.

In the upcoming ritual we will work with the image of a starfish in our ocean womb. We will embody the mother goddess that is gestating our younger self just beginning to work with the developmental tasks of REACHING FOR WHAT WE WANT, NEED AND DESIRE. We will then draw the life-force energy up to our heart chakra and work with CONNECTING AND RECEIVING. This will be a deeply experiential exploration.